Music Supervision

Combining music and visual media can be one of the most powerful and compelling ways to convey emotion. It can also be a very complex endeavor for filmmakers.

Guild of Music Supervisors – Member


MUSIC CLEARANCE – We can help clear master use and synch rights for all of the music used in your project.

MUSIC LICENSING – We can provide and negotiate licenses for all synch and master cues in your project.

CUSTOM MUSIC – If you’re having trouble finding an existing cue, our composers can create original music for you.


MUSIC BUDGETING – We can spot your script, research songs and provide a detailed music budget.

COMPOSER SELECTION – We can assist in finding, selecting and hiring a composer for your project.

MUSIC CUE SHEETS – We can prepare an accurate music cue sheet ready for submission to performing rights societies and as specifically required for film deliverables.

From script to screen, let Expressive Artists help simplify this process for you.

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